About Us

Welcome to Booksim Marketing Group.

Booksim is a global e-commerce business-to-business trading company that provides sales services via web portals, local partners and direct marketing with other business, companies and local government.

Our aim to bring people, products and projects together.

We not only bring in top quality products, services and technology into the local market but also promote and export premium quality products to the world market.

Our aim is to work with clients and partners, embracing their mission. We strive to work closely with our customers, listening to them, understanding their needs, and responding in a timely and efficient manner, helping them achieve their goals.

We firmly believe that providing professional and dependable services is the only way in which we can earn the trust, confidence and allegiance of our clients.

Customer’s satisfaction is our success and their success is our satisfaction

We were pragmatic, sensible and determined. Our strengths were our knowledge of the market, our dedicated and qualified work-team and above all, clarity of purpose and goal. We knew then as we do even now, that in such an aggressive business environment, the key to success is unflinching loyalty to our customers and owning their projects as ours.

So we can say, “Make it possible and profitable for all, working toward solutions, success and exceeding expectation.”                      


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